GIA membership requires the respected use of the GIA service mark. It's a transparent indication to patients and the public that you are committed to treating Gouty Arthritis and are knowledgable of the today's treatment options as a leader and educator in your community. The GIA membership is a valuable extension (not a replacement) of your practice that is created to serve, support and save money for your practice and enables you to optimally treat Gout patients and provide best in class disease state education. Collectively, as (metric) data is shared by all group members, GIA provides faculty and research opportunities as they become available and determined by each member's qualifications.

Approved GIA Group Member 2019-2021 

There are a couple of things you must first do to treat Gout as a GIA member.

1) getting set up as an 3 year affiliate and 2) apply for membership

Make your site an Affiliate

If you have a website you must agree and sign a 3 year affiliation agreement (with MDTV) to air the Gout Education Network. As you want the world to see your affiliation, you will  need to call 1-800-985-MDTV and register your site and use the embed code provided.

Applying for Membership

GIA will then send you a short application, which you can fill out online.  After the application is submitted a brief phone interview will be arranged and conducted. A GIA practice consultant will then meet with you to determine best optimization of your new GIA provider membership. Until membership is approved all communications are confidential and under the radar. After membership is approved MDTV will manage all publicity with local media and arrange orientation of your team.

Using your GIA Service Mark

GIA membership has defined a number of different user roles for your team:

It's a good idea to ask all of your staff to update with GIA your latest CV and public profiles, including bio and social links. These will populate rich structured data for your content contribution posts to the Goiut Education Network and generally create more opportunities for your practice  to fully maximize the practice's GIA membership to the public.

Next up: Organizing your content