The Gout Education Network (GEN) is a channel of trusted Content provided by MDTV Inc., a non profit medical news and information producer (and aggregator) of compliant easy-to-understand TV features and journal articles. The channel is housed in a proprietary technology, which enables custom syndication or viral Distribution to any 3rd party digital platform or website. The secret behind the technology is that it  provides numerous advantages to the website who receives the content channel, where  search engine optimization is fully enjoyed, it's typically "turn-key" & free, can be revenue shared, compliant, and relevant.  Moreover the viewer/reader does not venture off (back-link) or leave the site of origin (placement). Results are magnified via the exponential amount of destination portals (reach), where the custom syndication team is able place the channel ( and the community benefits).

MDTV provides custom integrations of the Gout Education Network, which can combine the original content from GEN with localized content to further enhance the relevancy of the (affiliate) provider, thereby enabling the local affiliate a distribution model that is far and wide (locally) and contributing back to the network (GEN).

Content- Distribution-Results

Here is an example of the GEN Channel Live