Affiliates are those who "air" the GEN TV channel on their website, broadcast in their media or live stream in their office or campus. You don't need to be a Gout doctor or even a medical practice to become an affiliate. You can be a local primary care doctor, a national or local media outlet, a local gym or an enterprise of any sort, as long as you have a relevant audience (men and women).

The Gout Education Network (GEN) channel (has TV segments & articles) that is comprised of disease state educational content from leaders and educators in the field. It's a turn key channel that airs on the affiliate website by simply inserting two lines of code.


*Affiliations are open Nationwide at the point of initial care and beyond so that together, GOUT can be resolved quicker for the benefit of the patient. Click here to learn more.


Gout Institute of America (GIA) membership is for those qualified and select doctors who have collectively come together as a group to support, educate and augment (not replace) the practice of GOUT Care with advanced treatment planning and disease state education. At all times GIA Members must adhere to the best interest of each patient and be compliant to  the established service mark protocol of The Gout Institute of America.

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